The Tractor Sprinkler

Many homeowners know that one of the keys to a lush lawn is making sure the grass gets plenty of water during the summer season.  One of the most effective ways to do this is to utilize a tractor sprinkler.  These sprinklers are unlike most because they utilize the watering hose by using it as a means of travel, which in turns waters everything along their path.  While many homes have underground irrigation systems, many homes do not.  Traveling, Walking or Tractor Sprinklers are a relatively inexpensive way to cover large amounts of lawn or gardens with ample water.

How the tractor sprinklers works is it is placed on its own hose and the force of the water in the hose turns a series of gears which are connected to an axle and this slowly turns the sprinkler’s wheels.  These wheels are guided by the hose and will slowly move around and irrigate your lawn.  The tractor sprinkler works well on irregular shaped lawns that are much harder to cover with a standard sprinkler setup.

Advantages of a Tractor Sprinkler

–         Can cover large amounts of lawn is a few hours

–         After setup there is very little for you to do – set it and forget it

–         Wide selection of Tractor Sprinklers to choose from

–         Many come with ramps for automatic shut off

–         You can set the speed for a soaking or a light watering


Is the tractor sprinkler the right choice for your lawn?  If you have a large lawn that is irregular in shape, or if you don’t like moving the standard type sprinklers around every 30 minutes then it would be an excellent choice.  I’m sure there are other reasons as well to take the plunge and buy a tractor sprinkler.

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